Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips and Information for Planning for Your River Trip

Sunscreen. We recommend at least SPF 30 and make sure it's waterproof!

Sunglasses. While you might not want to bring your favorite and most expensive pair (in case they end up in the water), you will want protection for your eyes. The sun off the water can produce quite a glare. Attaching "Croakies" or a string to your sunglasses is also a good idea.

Water bottle. With the excitement and activity, you are bound to break a sweat, so be sure to stay hydrated during the trip.

Wet suit or paddling jacket. These items are suggested for when the weather begins to turn and it gets cold.

Water shoes. Your feet are going to get wet. Guests should enter the raft with shoes or sandals that can get wet and will stay on your feet. We recommend rubber soled water shoes or sandals with Velcro.

Camera. If you're interested in capturing the moments of your Maine whitewater rafting trip on camera, be sure you bring your waterproof camera.

A good attitude. Whitewater rafting takes a group effort from everyone in the raft and you will be an important part of a successful trip. Your attitude and willingness to be part of a team will be important to making sure everyone enjoys their experience.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Water Rafting Rivers Location-Penobscot River

Penobscot River

The first 2 miles descend from McKay Station through Ripogenus Gorge. The last 12 miles of rapids end at the take out near Pockwockamus Falls. Class III-V Rapids.

Rafting on the Penobscot River is one of the most spectacular and challenging whitewater river experiences in the eastern United States and has become our most popular river.

Minimum age
Family Float Trips on the Lower Penobscot River (4 and up)

Soft Adventure Trips (6 and up)

Hi-Adventure Lower River Trips (12 and up)

Regular River Trips and Double Trouble Trips (15 and up)

May 14 - September 25

 River Length
12 Miles, 6 Hours on the River